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St. Edward's Department of Visual Studies

Branding Internship


I participated in an internal internship with St. Edward's University with fellow classmates where we were tasked with crafting a cohesive brand identity for the Department of Visual Studies.



The class took inspiration from the quatrefoil shape of the windows from an icon on campus - the famous "Red Doors" in the Main Building where students celebrate both their induction and graduation in college.

main building.jpeg
red doors zoom.jpeg

design constraints

Now that the base of the concept was built, we needed to establish rules surrounding our visual guidelines in order to maintain cohesiveness throughout the entire project.

Our class created specific rules surrounding the formal, primary and secondary marks as follows:

St. Edward’s University Formal Marks 

  • The St. Edward’s University formal marks include the historical crest and official seal and St. Edward’s tower icon with text.

  • It is not permissible to use the formal marks for any other publications without prior permission from the Department of Public Relations and Marketing. 

  • For any other concerns or questions about the formal mark please contact Hollis H. 


St. Edward’s University Secondary Mark

  • The St. Edward’s University secondary mark is the Visual Design Department logo with text reading “Department of Visual Studies”

  • The secondary mark can be used with the logo on the left and text to the right of the logo or the text can appear centered below the logo.

  • The secondary mark will never be larger or seen above than the formal mark when used in conjunction.

  • The secondary mark will always be used in black and white when associated with a program.

  • The logo and text can be used in any of the Visual Design Department colors when not associated with a program but must always have a white or black background.  

  • The mark will only use one color for both the logo and text. 


St. Edward’s University Tertiary Mark

  • The St. Edward’s University tertiary mark is used to distinguish each major and minor  within the Visual Design Department.

  • The tertiary mark will always be composed of the same logo as the secondary mark with each major or minor’s name to the right of the logo. 

  • The tertiary mark will not be seen with the logo above the centered text.

  • Each tertiary mark will be distinguished from one another through the text and the color used for each mark. 

  • Please refer to the color section for more detail on each marks’ color pallet.

  • The tertiary mark dedicated to the Fine Arts Gallery will always be placed on a black background. 

  • The Fine Arts Gallery logo and text can be used in any of the Visual Design Department colors.

  • The Fine Arts Gallery mark will only use one color for both the logo and text. 


brand activation

With the visual guidelines set for the brand, the class started exploring the potential use cases for the marks, such as on physical merchandise.

project goal

The ultimate goal with this internship was to create a consistent brand identity for the entirety of the Department of Visual Studies, which it had lacked previously.


This new brand identity also serves to delineate each major and minor with a unique yet cohesive visual marker.

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