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My senior studio animated short film, showcasing my difficulties with insomnia caused by my ADHD.

inspiration + project goal

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I was inspired by the charm of the mundane in the context of animation. Even things as routine as cooking or a daily commute becomes engaging/appealing.

project goal

The concept of “normality” has always been ever evolving, but this notion has been radically transformed in recent times. A drastic new definition of what “normal” has been thrust upon us as a society, finding ourselves surrounded by the relics of old normality, while forcing ourselves to create new routines.


In what seems to be a miserable situation, that’s where my goal lies -- finding the beauty of storytelling using the mundane. Unexpectedly, the situations found in the mundane are abound with genres of comedy, tragedy, and drama. These are plotlines that can be incredibly meaningful, even if they are not the most obvious.

I wanted to harness the relatable quality of the mundane, and use it to bring more awareness to symptoms of ADHD (from personal experience) that are often overlooked. 



I started concepting for various potential episodes that detailed several aspects of living with ADHD, including talking too much, talking too little, trouble with emotional regulation, as well as insomnia.



A storyboard about my troubles with reading comprehension.

A storyboard about my troubles with not being able to control voice volume.


A storyboard about my troubles with emotional regulation.


A storyboard about my troubles with sleep-onset insomnia.


A storyboard about my troubles with listening comprehension.


final animation

...and you can find the final film below:


My work was also exhibited in the Senior Graphic Design Online Exhibition Aftermath, hosted by the Department of Visual Studies at St. Edward's University.

You can find the exhibition website here!

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