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Deep Eddy Branding


For this project, my class and I were tasked with selecting from a variety of iconic Austin locations, including public parks, swimming pools and gardens. One thing that all these locations had in common was that would greatly benefit from rebranding their design presence. For my location, I chose one of Austin's most iconic swimming pools -- Deep Eddy.

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Deep Eddy Pool (lovingly known as "Deep Eddy" by the locals) is the oldest manmade swimming pool statewide, fed by the freshwater of the Colorado River. Initially opened as Deep Eddy Resort in 1902, outfitted with a variety of summer attractions such as carnival rides, campsites, picnic areas, and movies. Unfortunately, it closed in 1935 due to a flood, only two weeks after the purchase of the park by the City of Austin. It was later revitalized and reopened as Deep Eddy Pool and Eilers Park (named after one of its later owners) in 1936, and is how we know Deep Eddy today.

comparison matrices and journey map

Although there were several designs that I was comparing, ​

I chose to move forward with a more modern, graphic and playful design, not to contradict Deep Eddy's rich history, but to instead highlight it for the modern generation. 


The main issue with Deep Eddy's current design, or lack of design, was that Deep Eddy's historical roots and mundane experience could be perceived as obsolete and boring even, especially when compared to more popular swimming spots, such as Barton Springs Pool (according to my Comparison Matrices).

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Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 11.56.22 PM.png

On the flip side of the lack of design, it presented a blank canvas (and a perfect opportunity) to take Deep Eddy's outdated perception to the public into a new, revitalized direction.


I felt that it was crucial to utilize Deep Eddy's rich historical context, and retrofit it with a suitable design direction. For the brand package, I sought out to create flyers, posters, and pool-related merchandise for Deep Eddy, as well as revitalizing their official website.


For the deliverables, I chose to have two categories of deliverables:

- graphic merchandise

- animation and website graphics



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